18 Dec 2013

How to shoot astrophotography for absolute dummies, like me.

Ok, no more murmur I will just cut to the chest. It’s because I’m not really a professional and my picture is far from professional, but it’s a good starting point to any one hasn’t done it before.


  1. Tripod
  2. DSLR

How to?

  1. Find the darkest and clear night, full moon won’t work. Also, if you live in the city then go out. City light will just noise your dark sky.
  2. Mount your camera to the tripod
  3. Start with ISO 800
  4. Widest aperture, start with F4
  5. Manual focus and adjust to infinity
  6. Here’s a little trick, there’s a 500 or 600 rule. The idea is to divide 500 or 600 with your focal length. For example, if you are at 18mm then 500/18 = 27. That’s your shutter speed. This is to prevent any star trail.
  7. Adjust one thing at a time. For example, ISO first and then aperture to get your best results.

Have fun! Play with your settings.

Til next time,
noppanit at 00:00