17 Dec 2013

I Have found my perfect travel tripod. Manfrotto Befree

This might just be me and this blog post is just my opinion and just give people another opinion if they’re interested in buying a travel tripod. I’m sure you will own either one or two tripods if you’re a serious photographer. Even if you’re not there’s a chance that you will own at least one. I have one as well, but very clunky and heavy which I got it really cheap because of the heavy material. And I thought I didn’t mind to carry it around I can just put it in a car. However, I rarely take it with me when I’m on a trip. Why? because as you travel a lot, you tend to travel light and those tripods won’t fit in your suitcase. Also, you don’t want to carry huge tripod around the airport, I learnt that the hard way when I was in India. I needed to get my tripod scanned and wrapped and scanned again. They had to make sure I could not dissemble my tripod to be a weapon or some sort. It was fun though.

Now I have found this, Manfrotto Befree. Why I think it’s perfect for me. Because I can fit that in my suitcase so I won’t have any problem carrying it with me on a trip and it’s really small so I will have less trouble carrying it with me when I’m hiking. However, it’s not carbon fibre so it won’t be super light, but because of its size it’s not too heavy. I can carry it with my 5D all day.

That’s the best bit for a travel tripod. However, you won’t use that for a 9-hour long exposure for sure as it’s not that sturdy but for taking night views with not-so-long exposure or even fireworks it works really well. So, it’s just another opinion if you’re thinking of buying a travel tripod.

Til next time,
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