27 Dec 2013

You have never been clean, if you haven’t been to the Turkish bath.

Istanbul is the next closest thing I could come during Christmas. It’s just 4-hour from London and it’s a fantastic place to visit. I know when you think about Turkey you would think about the mosques, markets and kebap. There’s nothing wrong with that and I really enjoy walking around the buzzling Grand Bazaar (Büyük Çarşı). But there’s one thing I think everybody should be doing while you’re in Turkey is the Turkish bath.

There’s a saying I don’t remember who so I couldn’t quote here. “You have never been clean, if you haven’t been to the Turkish bath” and I think it’s really true.

Some people might say, I wouldn’t want a sweaty dude to scrub or massage yourself. But I think you should try everything until you can say you hate it.

So, I have scouted over the Internet and I found the article from the Guardian and Trip Advisor. I found this place Kilic Ali Pasa. So, I booked the place.

The first experience when you walked in, you will be greeted with a welcome drink and the staff will be giving you choices. You can choose to scrub yourself or you can have somebody to help you. After that, you change clothes to just the towel then the staff will guide you to Göbektaşı; the room with a big marble table in the middle. You will heat yourself up to be ready. The staff will pour hot and warm water to get your body ready then he will make you embarrassed by exfoliating your body from head to toe. I shower twice a day and I can still see my dead skin coming off. Then the staff will start the Köpük which is bubble soap wash. Then he will massage you a bit. After, everything is done he will lead you to the lounge area where you can sit and relax for as long as you want. You can you the bath again as many times as you want as well.

It’s a very relaxing bath and I think everybody should try at least for once so you will know whether you like it. I know I will come back for another Hamami for sure.

A little tip or actually my own mistake, bring your clean clothes with you or if you want to put on your dirty clothes when you’re super clean.

Til next time,
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