18 May 2015

What should you expect for Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu

I’m not really a travel blogger but I’ll try to share my experience as much as possible. I’ve just come back from Peru (Machu Picchu). Me and a bunch of my friends did the Salkantay trek which hike from Cusco (sort of) to Machu Picchu. It’s a 5 days 4 nights trip. The hike is really challenging physically and mentally. You will experience altitude sickness and soreness from your body. Funny thing is I didn’t feel a thing at the highest peak, some of my friends experienced different symptoms. One of the best I’ve heard is; “It’s like EDM concert banging in my head”.

Stay warm

You really need to dress warm because you will be walking at the altitude around 14,000 feet which is going to be quite cold. I’d suggest a lot of layers instead of big puffy jacket. Base layer is really important and a good fleece. One thing that you can’t miss out is a good pair of wool socks.

Prepare for the rain

It’s going to rain. What you really need is a good rain jacket and or Pancho is you want. I find rain jacket is enough to keep you dry. However, what really important is waterproof hiking shoes or you need extra pairs of socks. If you have your camera, rain cover for your bag and camera are really crucial.

Prepare for the altitude

If you think you will be affected by the altitude, please consult with your doctor to get some pills. I didn’t really get any headache while hiking on the high altitude but everybody is different.

What you don’t really need

Water is what you really need. But you can get water at every stop along the trail. What you don’t really need is water purification. However, it’s just a small pack if you don’t mind carrying that.

Pack light

I found myself overpack for the hike and I exhausted myself on the third day. If you think you’re going to need snacks. I suggest having starburst. My friend gave away two starbursts at every stop point which I think they really keep me going in terms of energy. I had my raw almonds and dry berries which helped a lot.

Sleep comfy

Sleeping bag is a must. However, I had a really good night sleep with my camping pillow and it’s inflatable and really light.

Taking pictures of the locals

If you walk around in Cusco, you might find local people dressing in traditional custom. If you take a picture of them, they might ask you for some money. I gave them 1 soles and it was enough. And make sure you ask their permission before you take a picture of them.


Coca leaves

The locals told us to chew coca leaves to prevent the tiredness and altitude sickness. To be honest, they didn’t help much but I really like the coca tea in the morning.


Local food

Peruvian cuisine is really interesting or at least from my point of view. I had Guinea pig and Alpaca. I like Alpaca but the Guinea pig is not really my jam. At least I tried.


Machu Picchu


Good view from your tent


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