30 Dec 2012

Second sentiment analysis experiment on Naive Bayes with NLTK : Bigrams

From my last post I experimented with some of the techniques such as stopwords and bag-of-words model. I yielded some acceptable results. This post, I’m going to try with bigrams to see if I can increase the accuracy.

I changed the code a little bit to be

from nltk.collocations import *

tokenized_text = nltk.wordpunct_tokenize(words)
tokenized_text = [word.lower() for word in tokenized_text]

finder = BigramCollocationFinder.from_words(tokenized_text)
bigrammed_words = sorted(finder.nbest(bigram_measures.chi_sq, 200))

I decided to use chi_sq as suggested in this post. However, the accuracy has gone down significantly to 19.7530864198%. I guess this might be that my document (~100 document for each sentiment) is not large enough to use bigrams. But this is just my conclusion. I’m going to try to increase the dataset and test it again.

Til next time,
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