24 Dec 2015

Retrospective 2015

Reflections on 2015

  • I gotta say that my big win for 2015 is I deleted most of my social media accounts even I didn’t plan on doing that at all. I deleted my FB account a couple times in the past. I ended up getting it back. I increase Signal to Noise ration a lot by just deleting that. I used to spend at least 1-2 hour(s) on Facebook browsing what my friends have been doing. Sometimes, I got depressed because it seemed like all the people on Facebook they are on expensive vacation trips.

At first, I was worried because I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with some of my friends and family. But I still talk to my family. We have LINE Messanger which we share pictures and videos. And all of friends that want to contact me, they always find a way to contact me if they want to contact me. I didn’t feel left out at all.

One of the main reasons that I don’t seem to like Facebook as it’s been abused a lot. My mum is the best example, she reacts aggresively and unnecessary to political opinions.

  • I didn’t have any excuse for not running the Chicago Marathon but myself to blame. I didn’t train hard enough. I deferred it until 2016 and that would be my 2016 Resolutions.

  • I did learn Spanish. I signed up for the beginner class and now I’m on the second level. Yo hablo poco Espanol!

  • I didn’t learn to invest at all. But my knowledge on how to survive in the US has improved a lot (After spending almost $500 on my medical bill).

  • I went to Peru and it was awesome! I highly recommened anyone to do it.


Move to the US

I moved to the US a year ago. I didn’t regret the decision at all. I joined Fusion Media Network in 2015 as a Developer. However, as my curiosity in Data Science grows. I decided to join Condé Nast as a Data Engineer to quench my curiosity. It feels weird for the first month not building a website or web service. But I got to learn a whole new side of Engineering.


I joined Kollaboration as a Technical Director to help out my friend. Unfortunetely, I failed on Time management and I didn’t have enough time to contribute. I’ll devote 2016 to improve my Time management skill.


I met with a bunch of ex-Thoughtworker friends in Germany and I had a blast. I realised how much I love spending time in Germany. I love Berlin and I love the culture over there. People are nice and the coffee is the best I’ve had anywhere. I also received the saddest news whilst I was in Germany.


I spoke in Agile Tour Bangkok 2015. My talk wasn’t that popular because I was up against with some big names but I did send my message to the audience and I got some positive feedback.


I found the task management board that works for me. I didn’t say it’s the best because certainly it lacks a lot of features but it works for me. Will have to come up with another post for this one.

Til next time,
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