19 Feb 2017

OSX convert raw DNG to JPG


I like shooting raw and I’m still doing it. However, there’s a time when I had to Airdrop jpeg to my phone and I didn’t want to go into the trouble of import all the photos to Lightroom and export them again. So I turned to Google and here’s what I found.

I’m lazy and I do most things in my terminal. Here’s the way you can do the same if you want to just quickly convert raw images to jpg.


  1. You need dcraw which you can use brew to install

brew install dcraw

  1. You need cjpeg which is from libjpeg so most likely you will have that already. Otherwise you can install by following these steps from here

  2. Go into your raw photos folder and run this command

for i in *; do dcraw -c "$i" | cjpeg -quality 100 -optimize -progressive > $(echo $(basename "$i" ".crw").jpg); done

This command will loop through all the files inside the folder and run dcraw command for each file then pipe it through cjpeg and same to the original name with jpg extension.

I didn’t really check the quality as I just wanted to quickly post on Twitter.


  1. http://www.mutaku.com/wp/index.php/2011/02/cook-your-raw-photos-into-jpeg-with-linux/

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