10 Oct 2009

My experience Error 99 with Canon 400D

I have to admit that I accidently dropped my camera into the river while I was on a trip with my friends. But after I dropped my camera into the river, I suddenly took out the batteries and the grip and CF card. Afterwards, I sit the camera in a camera bag with a silicon bag for a day. Everything worked like a charm. However, after two weeks I came to the UK to study and all of a sudden the bloody error 99 shown.

I google and have a camera checked with an expert. They told me that “you have to turn the camera to Canon to change the shutter and a main circuit board. But my can shoot the picture as nothing with my camera except that the error 99 occur when I turn on the camera.

Here how I solve my problem and I used my camera ever since without problem. Because if I have to send the camera away, it’s very costly.

  1. Before turn on the camera press the JUMP button and hold and then turn on the camera. The error 99 disappeared. At least it works for me.

  2. Take out the battery, the grip, the CF card, and leave for 20 mins. Insert the battery with only fully charged. And see if it can solve your error.

  3. Try to clean the contact len with a pencil rubber, carefully clean the surface with the camera down, so the bits don’t get in to the camera.

  4. Try to change the CF card.

You should try. But if you still have a warranty, just send the camera to Canon and change everything they said.

Good luck!!!

Til next time,
noppanit at 00:00