29 Mar 2008

Michelin Star

On 13 January 2008, I’m going to the three-Michelin-star restaurant, The fat duck at Bray, the second best restaurant in the world. So, I started to curious what’s the Michelin star mean? It didn’t take long to know, just a couple words in the Google.com, you can search everything in the world.

The Michelin star is come from Michelin group, which is located in France. There is a book called Red guide for the restaurant around Europe and also Green guide for tourism. So, critics from Michelin group visit the restaurants around EU, if they think this restaurant is good, food is delectable, service is impeccable, they will give a star to that restaurant. The inspectors use secret criteria that even the most experienced chefs don’t know about it.

Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelin_Guide

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