15 Mar 2013

Maybe I have just got scroogled?

I think everybody might know this campaign from Microsoft, http://www.scroogled.com/. Microsoft claims that they don’t index our email or track everything in our life in order to sell ads and Google is evil and we should switch to outlook.com. At first I think it’s cool if I could get some really cool ads or relevant ads but after seeing this I’m kinda scared of Google now.

Exactly I’m not English but I work in London and I’ve been sent to Germany for 9 months now for work. So, I’m kinda an expat from England. Also, recently I have been talking to the finance team of my company about tax refund because I’ve been spending time in Germany more than 163 days. Of course, I’m using Gmail as the form of communication.

The ad is super accurate, but the question is about the privacy. Is it good to have Google indies all of your data including your private conversation in order to get relevant ads? Well, I don’t know but if looking at the other way around it’s good for business because they can really focus on correct target customers.

Til next time,
noppanit at 00:00