15 Mar 2012

iPad 3G or wifi which one to choose – My own experience.

The new iPad is coming out and everybody is very excited about that, even myself but I’ve got my iPad2 already which I can’t really afford a new one. BTW, that’s not the point about this post. Before I got my iPad and I was researching extensively which one to get 3G or wifi. I found some article suggesting that people should just get the wifi one, it’s not worth getting the 3G one because you can hardly use it, because right now you could find free wifi hotspots just about everywhere and every hotel or building provides free wifi as well. However, here’s my point why you should get the 3G one.

– The sim card is quite cheap now to get the 500MB. I use giffgaff and it works just fine.
– Even though you get a free wifi just about everywhere, what about the place where you might want to use it? or even on the train? and you don’t want to pay a ludicrous fee.
– Even though you get a free wifi just about everywhere, sometimes it’s just not good enough. I’m a regular traveller, and sometimes I have to stay outside of wifi coverage. Having 3G access really saves my life a couple times, by helping me booking some tickets or replying some emails. Or stop me from getting bored waiting for transportation.

Til next time,
noppanit at 00:00