11 Aug 2013

Country walk from Glynde to Seaford.

OK! I get bored and don’t have anything to do. I was sitting in front of my computer and search what can I do near London. And I found this shtml</li>

. I have to admit apart from boring and sucky weather in the UK, there’s one thing I really love, UK Countryside. The view, scenery, fellow walkers and farm animals. So, I picked this walk and I just went for it the next day.

the book really gives a precise instructions to follow. If you follow every detail in the book, you won’t get lost. Also, the book gives you local pubs and restaurants to visit.

This is where I started.

Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-3.jpg

Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-5.jpg

Local market. It’s really a family run and you will get a warm smile when you walk in the store.
Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-6.jpg

Lonely barley.
Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-8.jpg

This for me is the toughest part of the walk, it’s right before you climb up Seven Sisters. It’s quite steep and long.
Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-9.jpg

I’m going to try this someday.
Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-13.jpg

A soup at George Inn.
Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-23.jpg

This fellow is really funny. She was chasing me all the way to the end of the field. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because I had food in my rucksack. Later, when I met my fellow walkers they told me they had the same problem as well.
Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-35.jpg

Really good view.
Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-39.jpg

Seven Sisters on the other side. The view was taken from Seaford side, where most people are on the other Eastbourne side.
Walk 31- Glynde to Seaford-43.jpg

Til next time,
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