07 Jul 2014

It’s alright to charge your phone on ‘Shavers only’ outlet.


Shavers only outlet

I believe everyone has the same problem once in a while or often that you forget your phone charger. Or even you didn’t forget your phone charger if you travel between UK and Europe you might forget the converter or adapter. If you stay in a hotel you must have seen one of those Shaver-only outlets. You would think that it’s clearly said that it’s for shaver only. So, I cannot use it for anything else. One day, I travel from Europe to the UK and the socket is different. Europe has one of those two-prong socket, and in the UK they use the big three-leg socket.

Then what can you do? I did some research on some myths. I have also tried it myself. It’s ok to charge your phone with those sockets.


Modern adapter if you flip it up and have a look you will see this sign or similar to this. “Travel adapter 110V – 240V” What this means is that this adapter will transform the current range from 110 – 220V to be usable for your appliance. There’s a reference here. However, those outlets are not suitable for charging your big electronic equipments such as laptop or blow dryer. Once in a while it should be ok to use the outlet to charge your phone. Especially, if you travel from Europe you must have the two-prong socket adapter which is suitable for the outlet.

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