A little bit about myself
Hello, I’m Noppanit Charassinvichai. Everybody calls me Toy. That’s kinda my nickname. I’m ~~a Consultant~~ an Engineer based in ~~London~~ NYC. Well, I have been travelling all over this world. I consider myself a coder, foodie, traveller and photographer. I dedicate this blog to be my central work for all what I have been doing. Even though my work has been spreading through out the cloud, but you can always come to this blog to see what I have been doing. Nice to see all you guys.


I started this year with my quest to improve my fitness. I swore to myself that I’d get a six page for myself. It has been working really well. I still have 6 months left. Will definitely post the results and what I have done (If it worked out well).


My highlight of this year was that I was a speaker at Agile Thailand 2013. It was a great experience for me as it was my first time I was a speaker at any conference. I learnt a lot of how to be a good presenter and gathered a lot of feedbacks to improve my next presentation. I also had great opportunity to work in Germany and travelled a lot around Europe.